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Yogurt the power!
Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4 comments

i miss my yogurt. it has been three days since i last tasted it. and i am craving now.

know why?

just to share with you guys, and for those who have difficulty in losing weight, especially in their tummy areas, adding yogurt in my diet really helped me in shaping my so-called ABS. I consume a cup of yogurt every after meal since calcium-rich dairy foods, including yogurt of course, boost the body’s fat-burning mechanism.

Not to mention that eating yogurt also promotes fresher breath and a health mouth. This is because yogurt lowers levels of compounds responsible for bad breath, may also eliminate tongue-coating bacteria, and reduce dental plaque formation, cavities, and risk for gingivitis.

So, how to enjoy your yogurt?

Try this one from Nestle. I have been eating this since I started going to the gym. Tastes so good, less sour & tangy taste, and best of all, 0% FAT, beat that!

Stay sexy the enjoyable way with NESTLÉ 0% FAT Yogurt. It has the delicious taste of real fruits swirling in smooth and creamy yogurt WITHOUT THE FAT.

Every delicious spoonful contains Live Microorganisms that work wonders on the digestive system to improve one's health. And it's also a great source of Calcium that helps prevent osteoporosis. NESTLÉ 0% FAT is the perfect health snack for everyone! You can choose from Strawberry, Mango, and Apple-Kiwi flavor.

It's the simple, healthy, and delicious way to stay sexy. Feast without the guilt!

Where to buy : All major groceries and supermarkets/ convenience stores
SRP : P33.10 ~ P40.00

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