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Thursday, May 24, 2007 3 comments

Oh well, same old dilemma: WHERE TO EAT?

it was a very lazy sunday last May 20 and i woke up at around 4:30pm (whoah, am such a sleepy head! hehe) and the first thing that came to mind was FOOD!

a bunch of friends decided to dine @ Jatujak Restaurant in Mall of Asia.

Resto Logo:

Jatujak (read as: Chatuchak) is Bangkok's famed weekend market, so obviously, it is a blend of thai food. the food was great although i really don't enjoy eating spicy deli's.


the chicken pandan is to die for - specially-chosen lean chicken meat wrapped in an almost sun-dried pandan leaves with a sweet chili sauce on the side (yumm).

(Photo Courtesy of clickthecity.com)

another favorite is the thai chicken curry - soft chicken strips seasoned with special spices and green curry paste blended with coconut milk, sweet peas and green chilies. loved it since the spicy taste is tolerable!

here's how it looks like:

(Photo Courtesy of plaza-brighton.co.uk)

what's ulam without rice, right? and Jatujak has this special brown bagoong rice to 'carbo'-nate the dishes - a platter of steamed rice sauted in bagoong with neatly arranged roasted garlic, julienne-cut fresh cucumbers, and pinches of bagoong around it.

(Photo Courtesy of redcrabonline.com)

and of course, their jasmine rice (beautified term for steamed rice..hehe) is BOTTOMLESS (bottomless? i thought the term is used for drinks only, and the last time i read an ad about rice being 'bottomless' was in davao) anyway, tokyo tokyo has a much ear-friendly term for that: rice all you-kanin.

(Photo Courtesy of funini.com)

their thirst quencher: fresh mint lemongrass iced tea! superb drink i must say. much like our infamous salabat - on the rocks. the taste of ginger soothes in your throat after feasting on the sumptuous thai meal!

putting justice to the word gastronomic, indeed.

4 spoons FOOD/ 3 spoons TIDINESS

(+) PLUS factor: the attendants readily refills your bottomless drinks, no need to ask them for one. Nice!

(-) NEGA impact: the floor is a mess! previous customers' food crumbs are scattered on the floor area and neath the dining table, eww factor!

N.B. Price is pretty much affordable, if you come in group though so you could share on the bill.


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