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Wednesday, November 7, 2007 29 comments

Beyonce arrives in Manila for Wednesday concert

MANILA, Philippines -- International pop superstar Beyonce Knowles flashed a wide smile upon arriving in Manila amid a light drizzle Tuesday afternoon.
Here for a one-night show in Taguig City on Wednesday, Knowles and her 70--member entourage-concert crew, musicians and personal security--arrived from Shanghai via chartered jet at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at 2:10 p.m., drawing a crowd of media and airport workers at the rain-soaked ramp.

Before the star got off, a flight attendant hurried ahead to place an arrangement of flowers at the bottom of the stairs and lay a blue carpet at the landing. Black-clad private security meanwhile positioned themselves around her waiting Ford Excursion, scanning the crowd in front.

A few minutes later, with a bodyguard ahead of her, Knowles emerged from the aircraft.
As she descended the steps, the wind caught her curly hair, slightly covering her face, but Knowles quickly swept it aside to smile and wave to the media who waited behind a security cordon.

The 26-year-old artist, the voice behind hits like "Irreplaceable" and "Baby Boy," wore a plain white long-sleeved shirt over tight-fitting jeans. But the star in her shone through with the choice of matching gold jewelry and high-heeled shoes and a blue-gold scarf around her neck.

Flanked by her bodyguards and locally-hired private security, she paused briefly to face photographers then boarded the waiting SUV. Airport workers, and even police, tried to take snapshots of the superstar with their digital cameras and camera phones.
The five-car convoy then sped off as the rest of her entourage continued deboarding the plane and headed for their chartered buses.

Knowles' aircraft, a chartered 172-seater MD-83 Blue Line jet will stay at the NAIA's remote parking area until the artist flies out Thursday morning.

( www.inquirer.net )

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Very bad for a first timer.
Tuesday, November 6, 2007 2 comments

Tonight i did something that i have never done in my life. i felt so nervous while doing it. mixed feeling of fear, anxiety, uneasiness. i was very uncomfortable. imagine doing something you don't do on a regular basis. like rock climbing in the himalayas or go skinny dipping @ d red sea. i went nuts.

i will not go into much details but the ending? so sad..i did very bad; lousy performance..for a first timer.

guess i will not be allowed to do it anymore.


Monday, June 18, 2007 3 comments

Just recently, I bumped into Auntie Anne's and discovered a whole new way of eating the century-old snack, pretzel.

Auntie Anne's introduces the 8-grain Pretzel - a combination of oats, corn, rice, millet, quinoa, sesame seeds, rye, and barley in a very tasty mix.

Sold @ a discounted price of P38.50 (originally priced at P48.00/ 20% discount)/ piece.

and, aside from enjoying this sumptuous snack, you get a FREE 1-day trial work-out @ Fitness First (any branch).
So rich in fiber, So full of healthy nutrients, a guilt-free filling snack!
Happy eating.

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What and What Not to eat - Part 2
Friday, June 8, 2007 5 comments

the list continues:


mc donald's quarter pounder with cheese (4-oz beef patty)
510 calories/ 43 g carbohydrates/ 25 g fat (12 g saturated)/ 29 g protein/ 1,150 mg sodium/ 3 g fiber

burger king whopper with cheese (4-oz beef patty)
800 calories/ 53 g carbohydrates/ 49 g fat (18 g saturated)/ 35 g protein/ 1,450 mg sodium/ / 4 g fiber


The Quarter Pounder, is in fact, king: almost half the fat and 300 fewer calories.


1 bacon slice
42 calories/ 0 g carbohydrates/ 3 g fat (1 g saturated)/ 3 g protein/ 0 g fiber


1 s
ausage link
82 calories/ 0 g carbohydrates/ 7 g fat (2.6 g saturated)/ 0 g protein/ 0 g fiber


Bacon has roughly the same protein as sausage, but half the fat and calories. And since it takes up more visual space on the plate, it seems just as big.

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What and What Not to eat
Saturday, June 2, 2007 5 comments

if you have been browsing through men's health magazine for quite sometime now, you may be familiar with their nutrition feature on The Better Alternative: EAT THIS, NOT THAT.

if you have not, well here are some food to indulge in or steer away from:

a piece (1.5oz) of fruit cake
139 calories/ 26.5 g carbohydrates/ 3.9 g fat (1.9 g saturated)/ 12.8 g sugar/ 1.8 g protein 0.8 g fiber

3 medium-sized pieces (1.5oz) of unenriched chocolate chip cookies
205 calories/ 28.5 g carbohydrates/ 9.6 g fat (3.2 g saturated)/ 13.2 g sugar/ 2.3 g protein/ 1.1 g fiber


A bit low on the calorie count and the fat, plus the brandy in the fruitcake gives out antioxidant potential equivalent to the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.


3 tablespoons (1oz) of brewed coffee
139 calories/ 26.5 g carbohydrates/ 3.9 g fat (1.9 g saturated)/ 12.8 g sugar/ 1.8 g protein 0.8 g fiber


3 tablespoons (1oz) of hot chocolate
205 calories/ 28.5 g carbohydrates/ 9.6 g fat (3.2 g saturated)/ 13.2 g sugar/ 2.3 g protein/ 1.1 g fiber


The hot chocolate is loaded with sugars and carbs. and coffee contains more antioxidants that help fight the big C.

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My Diet Plan
Saturday, May 26, 2007 5 comments

been working out for almost a year already, it's so damn hard to maintain this kind of body and make it even leaner, and bigger.

i recently found out that i have been following the 3-hour diet pala, just recently, but i have been doing this since then.

diet plan:
(may be a combination or all of the following food per meal)


2 slices whole wheat grain bread (gardenia is one of my faves! with 170calories @ 1g fat, good source of carbs @ 35g,dietary fiber @ 3g,and protein @ 7g)+tuna spread+lettuce+tomato+cucumber

2 cups of TAHO minus the arnibal (sweet ingredient, the brown one, luv d sago,hehe..) i usually buy kay manong sa tabi ng edsa shrine @ 10.00/cup. he is there from 6:00AM 'til supplies last.

1 cup nestle fruit selection yogurt - zero% fat! (beat that!)

1 piece cavendish banana from Dole

1 FUJI apple

1 serving of quaker oatmeal (choco flavor is addictive @ p10.00/pack gives you 134.5 calories)

2 glasses of pineapple juice - unsweetened/ DOLE is great!


1 can del monte fruit express - w/ peach

lots of H20

1 pack Oheya chicha, d blue one (yup, it's one of the healthiest junk foods in the counter ryt now)


1 serving pasta (any kind) spag, fettucine,zitti,marinara, lasagne,penne - avenetto, chef d angelo and sbarro serve d best pastas! yum..

1 half roasted chicken minus the skin (yaiks greatest source of FAT and cholesterol), prefers the breast part

2 servings of siomai (luv dimsums)

1 slice papaya and pineapple (help convert protein to be taken in by muscles)

1 can pineapple juice (fiber, man!)


1 serving of pancit (need carbs..hehe..)

lots of H20

before hitting d gym


(can be a choice frm d ff:)

a> kenny roger's SOLO B (breast part CLASSIC please, hate their inasal version..eww)/ side dishes:(HOT) either Corn&CarrotsCorned beef w/potato&cabbageMixed/steamed veggies! too bad they removed tuna pasta in d menu..:( (COLD) either potato salad or fruit bowl (w/out mayonnaise)
lots of H20

b> World chicken! (G4 fudcourt) ALL of their menus are perfect! @ p135/serving, not bad...just wish they open earlier as scheduled so i could enjoy it 4 bfast/brunch..yummm

c> i recently had a taste of Plato Wraps - 1 serving Wheat bread + tuna spread - i think u need 2 add p5 or p10 2 upgrade frm d regular bread into wheat bread, not bad.

after work-out

2 cups of TAHO (this time, manong can be found in front of robinson's galleria at the bus stop)


1 whole roasted chicken (andok's/mang boks/baliwag is gud enough, mura pa)

lots of fruits (mango,apples,papaya)

1 serving Kenny's Healthy Plate (contains: 1/4 chicken minus d skin, classic of course!, Fresh fruit salad, Corn muffin, All-vegetable salad, iced tea @ p135 only!) this meal is 27% less fat than d usual meals out there, cool! gud thing restos nowadays are also concerned w/ healthy eating)

And drink ur vitamins! vitamin E/C/multi-vitamins-kirkland :)


1. ice cream! (took this out of my list looooooong ago..)
2. soda (eww, in-cans & tru soda dispensers frm food chains, nothing but sugar in it. better drink lots of H2O)
3. cakes (those überly-coated cakes suck big time...adds up 2 ur saddle bags & luv handles/ although i do indulge sometimes-once in 3months i guess..)
4. sisig/chicharon-all sorts of it (2 of d unhealthiest, read: DEADLY pinoy deli)

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Bread Talk
Friday, May 25, 2007 9 comments

If you are a frequent loaf buyer like i am, you must be very familiar with gardenia - the bread brand that has been in the consumer market for quite sometime now and has pioneered the introduction of fresh, healthy, and diet-friendly breads.

but have you ever wondered if their breads in the stack are really fresh? how would you know which one is fresh and which one is not? The twist tie is the key. i emailed gardenia's customer relations and personally called their hotline to verify any truth to this, and here is what i found:

did you know that gardenia philippines delivers fresh bread seven (7) days a week, that's monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday and each day corresponds to a different twist tie color. they are:

monday - tan
tuesday - orange
wednesday - yellow
thursday - blue
friday - green
saturday - red
sunday - white

so the next time you will hop in the grocery, and assuming it is sunday, you would not want to pick the tan-colored twist tie as this bread has been in the stack for almost a week already.

you might ask, hey, how come all the twist ties i see are always, say for example, orange, or blue, etc.? this only means that the turn-around of bread in that particular branch is fast, so breads in there are always delivered fresh!

so for those gardenia bread lovers out there, take note of the right color twist tie to enjoy fresh breads from gardenia. so good, you can even eat it on its own! :)

hey, before i forget, another diet-friendly advise to you guys. the healthiest bread to eat offered by gardenia is the whole wheat bread - with:

170calories @ 1g fat
good source of carbs @ 35g
dietary fiber @ 3g
protein @ 7g (enjoyed with +tuna spread+lettuce+tomato+cucumber)

SRP : ~ P54.00 - P56.00

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